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Glass Polish Bundle

Glass Polish Bundle

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Bundle includes; 

1 x 473ml 3D Glass Polish

1 x 3D Logo Sprayer Bottle & Grey Sprayer Head

1 x 3" 3D Rayon Felt Pad

1 x 6"3D  Rayon Felt Pad

  • Cerium oxide based polish helps to remove swirls, scratches, wiper marks & water spots from glass and windows
  • Great for dulled and tarnished car glass to help improve vision and clarity
  • Helps to restore original transparency and brightness
  • Minimum Elbow Grease Required! Easy application directly onto surface with effortless wipe-off
  • Long Open Time - Less product goes a longer way for efficient results
  • Can be used to prep glass surfaces before applying a glass coating
  • For best results, use a high speed rotary polisher with a felt pad

    3D Glass Polish is a cerium-oxide based polish designed to remove swirls, scratches, wiper marks, and water spots from automobile glass surfaces. Our unique formula is easy to use requiring minimal elbow grease to apply and wipe off while providing superior ‘like new’ vision and clarity.