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About 3D Car Care Products

3D Products is dedicated to provide superior, cutting edge car care products that are environmentally responsible. 

For 25 years 3D has manufactured quality green, biodegradable and natural ingredient products in Santa Clarita, California. The chemistry and materials used in 3D products are free form glycol ethers phosphates, ethylates, and meets or exceeds Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) compliance. 3D has created and established an identifiable brand, retail look and feel that is very unique to the car care industry.

We have just created the first Adaptive Abrasive Technology Rubbing Compound and Finishing Polish that is now the new standard for body shop compounds and polishes for leveling speed and
quality of finish. 3D’s passion to produce the industry’s best products has drawn the attention of business worldwide and is now sold in 26 countries.

3D Products UK Ltd

Here at 3D Products UK, we are based in Newton Abbot, Devon.

We have seen how 3D has grown from an American to a Worldwide brand and are excited to have become the Sole UK Distributor so that we can establish the brand across the UK and Northern Ireland.

3D is already a well known business across the world, the level of quality 3D brings to the Car Care Industry is the reason why we want to share it with the Car Care shops, Detailers and Enthusiasts across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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