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3D Speed All in One Polish / Wax Review

all-in-one correction glaze

Key features of 3D Speed All in One Polish / Glaze

What is it?
3D Speed is an all-in-one correction glaze that will remove light to moderate scratches and swirl marks, leaving a wax protection behind. It’s easy to use, easy to apply and remove.

What does it do?
It removes light or shallow paint defects leaving behind a layer of glaze.

When do I use it?
It can be used as a stand-alone or dedicated product for car paint with only minor to moderate shallow paint defects or as a follow-up polish after a first, more aggressive compounding step like when using a coarse compound or corrective high cut polish.

Why should I use it?
To remove paint defects to restore a factory-new looking appearance or to perfect paint for show car results.

Here’s the paint work condition. (Images Below)
There are water spots, marring, swirls and scratches and even some bug / bird bomb damage in the way of an etching that’s on the clear coat (Clear Lacquer).

It’s nice to be able to use a new product and then share some unique points about the product that the company left out in their marketing material but alas – 3D Car Care covered the benefits and features spot-on. Although this is a fine compound with glaze, it has excellent paint correction ability.

Using only 3D Speed polish with the new soft G3Pro foam finishing pad I was able to pull-out around 90% of the paint defects. In my opinion and experience, that makes this a very capable polish but it also reflects nicely on the new Farécla G3 Pro finishing pads.

The paintwork reaction
While my test spots showed the 3D Speed polishing compound was able to remove a few of the paint defects there were water spots and heavier / deeper scratches it didn’t remove but enchanced the look with the glaze.

3D Speed Cutting ability?
This is sold as a fine cut polish and is great for a fine cut polishing system leaving a glaze.

3D Speed Finishing ability?
Impressive finishing quality, 3D Speed works equally on both light and dark coloured paints.

3D Speed Dusting?
Zero dusting. I’ve never met a detailer that wishes a product was dusty!

3D Speed Working time?
This polish and glaze has an excellent working time – this means that as long as you keep moving the polisher over the paint the polish stays liquid on the surface. No drying-out, no dusting.

3D Speed Removal?
I’m not sure I can think of a compound or polish that ever gets a perfect score for removal, but this is a very good product and is easy to remove.

Final Words
3D Speed quickly restores a high level of gloss after correction than with a more aggressive compound; so long working times are not required. You will be amazed at how little effort is required with 3D Speed and it does it in less time than traditional polishes you may be used to from Autoglym or Meguires, you will be very pleased that you gave it a try!

3D Speed permanently removes swirls and light defects from all paints leaving a wax coating behind, 3D Speed can be applied by hand or by a dual action polisher.

3D SPEED for correction
3D SPEED more as a wax
Now the shine has been revealed, paint correction has been completed

Where can i find safety data sheets?

Material safety data sheets (MSDSs) are prepared by the manufacturer of any hazardous chemical and are retained by the facility owner or operator


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