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Wheel Brite

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3D Wheel Brite will help you clean dirt and grime off various wheel types! With wheels so close to the ground and your brakes, it is no secret that they are one of the areas that get dirty and dirty fast. 
3D Wheel Brite is body shop safe and removes even tough baked-on contamination from clear coated and painted rims with ease. 
Dilute the product down to about 4:1 (water:cleaner) and mist it on your wheels and watch the build ups quickly separate. Allow it to sit for 30 to 45 seconds and rinse with water. 
If you have any dirt and grime that needs a little extra cleaning power, just pick up your favorite wheel cleaning brush. 
This combo will have even your most dirty rims looking new again after you are done! While Wheel Brite is safe on the majority of wheels, there can be some sensitive wheel finishes it may not be safe on. 
To be 100% safe, 3D recommends testing on a very small area first and/or contacting the wheel manufacturer for a double check. 
Once you use this product it's cleaning power will really impress you and have your wheels looking clean and bright! Grab a bottle of the 3D Wheel Brite today and enjoy!