Flat Micro Hook Interface Pad - 2 Pack


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Maximize leveling of orange peel or surface texture!

The 3D Interface Pads are designed specifically for the 3D ACA Flex Sanding Discs.  The 3D interface pad offers the perfect balance of medium density foam rubber to smooth out the oscillating action while maintaining a flat surface to efficiently sand only the high point until they are level with the low points on the surface.

The hooks used for the sanding disc side are flat-style micro-hooks.  They offer excellent attachment strength while virtually eliminating any horizontal torsional movement between the sanding disc and the interface pad.  The flat-style micro-hooks keeps the face of the sanding disc damn near flat against the surface.  This means there's simply no "wiggle" between the interface pad and the sanding disc, which transfers the oscillating action of the sander to the surface of the paint without variation.  The results are a dramatically flatter sanding action to keep the sanding where you want it – on the high points on the surface.

Non-3D interface pads will decrease sanding disc performance and increase the risk for pigtails.

Thick or soft foam interface pads or using the wrong style hook like conventional long J-hooks style, cause the sanding disc to abrade the high points and the low points at the same time so you’re never truly leveling the high points but instead sanding down or taking down the entire surface equally.  This wastes perfectly good paint and also wastes time.

The 3D interface pad enables the face of the sanding disc to abrade only the highest points so you can remove only the orange peel while leaving more of the lower-level paint on the surface.

Don’t get caught in the misconception that all hook-n-loop styles are the same – they are not.  The 3D Flex Sanding Discs are tuned and optimized for the 3D Interface pad.  The last place you want to skimp or cut corners is when sanding the paint on your own car or a customer car.

What is it?

Semi-flexible foam interface pad with flat micro hooks on other sanding disc side for more precise cutting action.  Uses Alpha Ceramic Alumina for abrasive technology, abrasive grains are uniform in size and placement over the face of the disc with a controlled cutting and breakdown rate.  Anti-clogging technology helps surface to avoid cementing of the paint dust to surface of disc.

What does it do?

Maintains a flat surface between the face of the sanding disc and the paint surface when sanding flat and curved body panels.  Reduces the risk for pig tails.

When do you use it?

Anytime you want to remove orange peel or other surface texture to create a more perfect finish.

Why use 3D Interface Pads over other options?

3D sanding discs are thin, so they keep the leveling focus on the high points of orange peel for maximum leveling efficiency.  The Alpha Ceramic Alumina abrasive technology are engineered abrasives that are uniform in size, shape, hardness, cutting, and breakdown for smooth, long-lasting cutting on any dual action sander.  The uniform size and placement mean a more uniform and shallow sanding mark pattern that buffs out fast while leaving more paint on the car.

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