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Ceramic Touch -

Ceramic Touch

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3D Ceramic Touch is an SiO2 formula designed to create extremely durable protection and superior shine. 3D Ceramic Touch is an easy-to-use, spray on coating that will leave your surface with intense hydrophobic properties and protected from harmful contaminants.

Ceramic Touch is Detailers Dream product. Application wise it is the quickest and easiest coating in the market. After claying the vehicle with a 3D Nano Prep towel just spray and buff with a microfiber towel. Lasts 4 times longer than any conventional wax to that deep hydrophobic super slick shine. Can be used standalone or boost your existing coating.

-Fully wash, dry, decontaminate the vehicle.
-Paint correct if necessary.
-Spray 3D Ceramic Touch onto the surface one section at a time.
-Allow to sit for 30 seconds.
-Buff away using a clean microfiber towel.
-Continue around the entire vehicle.