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A coating that finally rubs out the competition with the crockmeter test….

- Provides an excellent superior gloss that lasts.

- Environmentally safe.

- During 3D's intense testing across 2 years the 3D Ceramic Coating had results that supported its longevity of durability and long lasting shine.

Application process:

- Before applying the ceramic coating it is important to have the surface completely clean and decontaminated, we recommend a paint correction process which can be done using 3D ONE.

- When the surface is ready, wipe done using a surface cleaner to remove all the residues and polishing oils, we recommend using WIPE 3D's surface cleaner - you may repeat this step if necessary.

Step 1: Wrap the 3D Suede Applicator around the 3D Block and apply enough coating to cover the flat surface of the suede. Do not over-saturate.

Step 2: Using a cross hatch pattern, (side to side / up and down strokes) spread the coating evenly. Work in sections. Weather can determine the size of the section you want to work with. Temperature and humidity can affect how quickly the product dries. Apply more product if the suede dries up.

Step 3: Wait 30 seconds and buff the product off with a clean microfibre towel. If surface feels oily, wait a few more seconds and buff off again. Do not wait for more than 1 minute.

NOTE : For more protection, a second coat is recommended. Wait between 30-45 minutes after the first application and repeat steps 1-3. In the second application, wait 30 seconds, and then remove the product with a new and clean microfibre towel.