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3D Speed Dressing

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3D Speed Dressing will help restore your rubber surfaces back their original beauty. This formula is designed to bring a high gloss shine, all without being greasy. Instead, 3D Speed Dressing dries to a non-tacky, smooth, deep, dark, and glossy finish. 

This product is easy-to-use, only needing a few steps. Since 3D Speed Dressing is a very thick formula, containing silicone, it is best to apply 3D Speed Dressing with either a brush or foam applicator. Once on the applicator or brush, just spread across the surface in an even layer. No need to worry about product flying off to other parts of your vehicle, as this product is non-sling. Plus, 3D Speed Dressing will not attract dust, so your rubber tires and trim can stay looking newer, longer.