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3D Nano Drums -

For the first time since the development of car wash chemicals, 3D has created ULTRA-CONCENTRATE car wash liquids that stay homogeneous. After years of research, we have developed a unique SUPER EXTRACTION process that produces highly potent ingredients. We then MICRO- HOMOGENIZE these ingredients to create LOW VISCOSITY, clear, homogeneous car wash products – that will not separate. 


  • SUPER ULTRA-CONCENTRATED:1 Gallon NANO DRUMS produce more product than two 5 gallon concentrated pails.
  • SIMPLE STRAIGHT – FORWARD DILUTIONS: NANO DRUMs are low viscosity, clear and micro-homogenized, so they will not separate. NANO DRUMS don’t need to be mixed or poured into other containers, or remixed and then fed into dilutions systems or car wash systems.
  • EASY INTEGRATION WITH EXISTING SYSTEMS: NANO DRUMS integrate directly into existing car wash systems. The super-concentrated, micro-homogenized formulas are fed directly into any system with a simple adjustment.
  • SAVES TREMENDOUS SPACE: A 1-gallon NANO DRUM replaces two 5-gallon pails, so every detail shop, body shop, dealership or car wash will save 9 to 10 times the space with 3D NANO DRUMS. NANO DRUMS also reduce the chance of injury.
  • SUPER LOW SHIPPING COSTS: 1 Gallon NANO DRUMS will replace 2 – 5 gallon pails, which are 9 to 10 times larger and heavier, so shipping and delivery cost will be drastically reduced. 
  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: The new super emulsified, ultra-concentrated 3D NANO DRUM formulations of soaps, cleaners, degreasers, and waxes not only produce higher quantities than 2 5 Gallon concentrated drums, but deliver even better results than our regular strength concentrated products. 

Available Products:

SUPER DUTY DEGREASER: #1001G01 – DK. Red color, Apple scent

Cleans exterior surfaces, engines, floors, machinery, and tools. Super concentrated, fast acting, powerful cleaning degreaser quickly loosens grease, tar, bugs, grime, and tough dirt. Super easy rinse-off, safe on painted surfaces.

SUPER CITRUS APC: #1091G01 – Yellow colour, Orange scent

Powerful interior and exterior organic All-Purpose Cleaner uses D-Limonene to quickly loosen and clean dirt, grease, grime, tough stains from seat belts, leather, carpet, and upholstery. Super Citrus APC is strong enough to remove tough engine and wheel grease and grim. It’s easy to rinse-off and safe to use on fabric, carpet, leather, upholstery, plastic, rubber, metal, and painted surfaces.

SUPER WHEEL CLEANER: #1101G01 – No colour, No scent

Super concentrated, environmentally safe, strong wheel cleaner removes, grease, oxidation, brake dust, grime, and tough dirt. Easy rinse-off. Safe for clear coated, painted, and aluminum rims. Does not contain hydrofluoric or sulfuric acids.

SUPER SOAP: #2021G01 – Purple color, Grape scent

Super Ultra-Concentrated, pH balanced cleaning soap can be used in automated car washes or by hand. This highly concentrated formula delivers rich, full bodied dense soap foam that easily removes grime, road film and dirt without dulling painted finish. This biodegradable formula delivers easy rinse-off and simple straight-forward dilution.

SUPER GLASS CLEANER: #9001G01 – Blue color, No scent

Industrial strength, super 50 to 1 concentration. Alcohol based, ammonia free Non-streaking, fog and smudge resistant formula is safe for tinted windows. Works great on windshields, mirrors, plastic, and headlights.



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