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3D Car Care Ceramic Touch Review

3D Car Care Ceramic Touch is an SiO2 formula designed to create extremely durable protection and superior shine. 3D Ceramic Touch is an easy-to-use, spray on coating that will leave your surface with intense hydrophobic properties and protected from harmful contaminants.

Ceramic Touch is Detailers Dream product
easiest coating in the market
deep hydrophobic super slick shine
boost your existing coating

Ceramic Touch is a non-yellowing, high gloss, dirt repelling coating that cross-links with all surfaces of your vehicle including bodywork, alloys, glass, and trim.

3D Car Care Ceramic Touch is a clear, non-scented long lasting easy to apply ceramic spray.

We have seen how 3D has grown from an American to a Worldwide brand and are excited to have become the Sole UK Distributor so that we can establish the brand across the UK and Northern Ireland.
3D Car Care
Lasts 4 times longer than any conventional wax

It can be used as a protecting sealant on its own as a standalone sealant or as a top up spray to your favourite LSP (Last Stage Protection), it will give months (upto 1 year) of real-world durability to the treated surfaces.

For best results use sparingly otherwise you may run the risk of smearing. I found the best way to apply is to a microfibre towel and spread evenly on the surface then buff off with a separate microfibre towel to a high gloss making sure no streaks are present.

I found it can also be layered which will give a degree of paint enhancement on light marks and also extend durability to previously applied waxes and sealants.

It leaves a noticeable slickness to the surface making it hard for contaminants to stick – I have had success using this on wheels, window chrome trim and even exhaust tips. It’s quick to use, versatile, beads water brilliantly and has good durability.

While the product is great some may find this on the expensive side per ml, so we removed .5 point from our final score.

Our Score
Our Score 9.5 / 10

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